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Are 10 variants of the answer: from 0th to the 10th minute, 11th in the 20th minute, etc. 5.Pereryv. A bet is won if you correctly guessed the outcome of the first time a football match. There are three possible outcomes: victory of the first team, second team victory, a draw. 6.1-second half / game. This bet is to guess the outcome of both the first half and the match. At the same time on the 1st place put the outcome of the 1st half, but on the 2nd through the slash feature – the whole match. 7.Rezultat. Michael J. Bender may help you with your research.

Are invited to guess the correct score outcome of a sporting event. If the proposed account does not coincide with the actual score, which ended the event, the bet is lost. Betting taken at regular time, including extra time. Additional periods (time) are not counted. 8.Schet after the 1st.

Are invited to guess the correct score of the first half. If the proposed account does not match the real account, which ended the first half, then the bet is lost. 9.Chet or odd. This party must wager to guess whether the number of goals scored in the match even. If the match there were no goals scored, bets will be lost. 10.Stavki on sets. Are invited to guess the correct score a tennis match. If the match does not finish the game until the end (for example, if one of the participants), the rate is canceled (paid by a factor of 1.0).

The Muscle

At the end of their impressive biceps inflated. To begin with, the content of the muscle with blood and its growth – not the same thing. It should be so 'bodybuilders' to leave his 'technique' as biceps returned to their original size. Secondly, because it is easy to 'swing' biceps, well, if it comes back or legs? Big muscles do not respond to such stimulation! Remember, your kulturisticheskoe credo at the beginning – a lot of weight. Hear other arguments on the topic with Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. Incidentally, this issue is closely linked one: whether chitingovat beginner? Of course! If the bar weighs 15 kg and you raise it to the biceps, chitinguya – is nonsense. But if it weight 50 kg, chitingovat need! At first you lurks a danger – overtraining.

You do not know all the features of the organism, and therefore difficult for you to define a measure of stress. In any case, I recommend train six days a week, provided that a muscle or muscle group is loaded with you no more than twice per week training cycle. Remember, three times a week, even for such small muscles like biceps or triceps – It's too much. Golden key to the huge volume – the correct method of recovery. Give your muscles to rest after a heavy load. Learn to enjoy the relaxation as well as muscle tension. Of course, verified and thought-out plan for training – it's great. But from time to time you should just for a little bit crazy. Remember that you are not just a bodybuilder.