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Dog Attacked

Any encounter with an angry dog can lead to death. In order to survive an attack dog, take the advice that I hope will help you get out with dignity a difficult situation. When a dog attacks, barking, risk is generally low. Most likely it just scares you, driving with "their territory". In this case, of course, it is possible that it may bite you, but in any case this happens only when you will turn to her back or side will take a look at his side.

Try it without taking his eyes off the dog, no twitching, no turning back, to leave the territory. If the dog does not fall behind, try to check her reaction to the team: "Yuck!", "Walk," "Aport", "Cat." Many dogs of these teams are very familiar. In this case, if the dog responds to the command "Yuck!" And pauses when barking, praise the dog and feed the other team, "Well, fu, sit!" Then the command: "Walk!". If the dog shows interest in the team "Aport!" Pick up from the ground some stick and throw it away. It is not excluded that the thrown stick dog might like it and leave you alone.

Enough may be effective and the team: "Cat!". In most cases, this command dog reacts violently. However, she begins to thrash from side to side in search of object of interest. For you, this is a chance to win time. Most departures from the conflict situation! But if you see running at you in silence a dog, you know – it can seriously attack.