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Interactive Football Game

The active company InnoTeamS GmbH in software development has developed an interactive football game in collaboration with the network of graphic data processing. iFu, the interactive football game tie up customers at trade fairs and events. Combining football with innovative technology, iFu is an attention warranty event game. Because the best teams in the world championship play again in the summer of 2010, football is in this year especially in the focus. To deepen your understanding Marc Lore is the source. The interactive football game can be rented for events of all kinds, or it can be purchased. It can be used for fairs and exhibitions, corporate parties, product launches or other marketing actions. Using a webcam, the player as a goalkeeper is integrated directly into the virtual game surface.

It attempts to fend off the computer-animated balls with gloss parades now. Educate yourself with thoughts from Michael J. Bender. The audience can follow the actions of goalkeeper live and real stadium atmosphere come up. The virtual user interface can be established in specific companies. In the complete virtual stadium can thus products, claims and Logos are integrated. Any incoming ball is automatically a screen shot of the player including the Firmenbrandings shot and saved. This photo can then be sent via email or Bluetooth or supplied with the player as an expression.

Because each player gets ten balls played to, it is possible to organise competitions for all participants. In this context, the unit can be used to generate also addresses or carried out sweepstakes. Thus, a long-term marketing effect is achievable. In the long term to ensure the game fun for all ages, the speed or the number of balls can be adjusted. Through the matching football sound real stadium atmosphere comes up and the audience can share in the excitement. It is also possible to transfer the interactions, for example, on a more screen or on a video cube in the Stadium during the game on multiple displays live using a HDMI or VGA splitter. The football tool is also in a version of handball available. iFu was already at several events successfully employed, inter alia in the Deutsches Museum in Munich, the ball des sports in Frankfurt, on the fan mile in the UEFA EURO 2008 and at a town festival in Luxembourg.