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Tool Surface

Anticipatory crack at cutting wood anticipatory crack is formed already at the initial stage of the tool. When introducing the tool into the timber after sealing a chip rake face starts pulling the cutter shavings from the rest of the wood. Odnovrmenno chip bends. When communication between the fibers of wood to reach the tensile strength of wood to break across the grain, starts peeling chips and cracks advanced education. The length of the crack advance increases with increasing chip thickness.

The propagation velocity of the crack advance is always higher cutting speeds. Read more from Jerome James to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Therefore, after the formation of advance the crack edge is not working. Official site: Amos Otis. During this period the surface of the cutting tool rake face is formed by the separation of chips from the workpiece, the cutting edge formed only smooths the edge surface. Because the chip is formed margin, and not just cut the blade, the quality of surface treatment produces high; In addition, when cutting the fibers against forestalling a crack located in plane fibers can cause tear-out of the wood fibers, which leads to marriage. To reduce the harmful effects of crack advance in the quality of surface treatment, it is necessary to create a back pressure of the wood fibers near blade. As a result of backwater grain of the wood shavings nadlamyvaetsya as you move the tool.

Chip fracture occurs near the edge retaining element, so the smaller the gap between the edge and the tool edge, the less boundary of the crack advance. This method is used, for example, when planing a manual plane. The highest surface quality is obtained by processing a thin chip, when the length of the element chip is small. At carving along the fibers without the formation of advanced fracture surface quality of processing produces a high, as the surface formed by cutting the cutting edge. If you cut the fibers and parallel to them, then cutting of thin chips and a small angle of the cutting anticipatory crack does not appear, because the chisel is easier to bend the chip than break the timber. In this case, the surface quality of processing increases with decreasing angle of cut. However, the workpiece has a nonuniform structure of wood grain, so for large values of the angle between, especially in areas with defects of the structure of wood, there will be tear-out fibers leading to marriage. Furthermore, the decrease of the cutting angle is associated with a decrease in the angle of sharpening, which reduces the strength of the blade. Cutting without advanced education may also fracture displacement with respect to chip layers layers wood beneath the surface of cut, ie, the longitudinal shrinkage of the chip. Longitudinal shrinkage chips occurs when the face of tool, moving in front of a chip, compresses it along the grain and turns into isolated from compacted layer of the workpiece. Cutting capacity is the tool used to its full extent, when the cutting angle is 70 , and the chip thickness is small. Under these conditions, the high quality of the surface cutting at different values of the angle between the blade with the fibers. Cutting to the longitudinal shrinkage of chips used, such as planing manual plane-shliftikom.Pri cutting wood in the end the quality of surface treatment turns out to be low. Beneath the surface treatment of fibers in the fiber direction obrazuyuts cracks. The processing quality of ceteris paribus higher when the chip thickness and cutting angle are small.


During the processing of soybeans must be used carefully cleaned, healthy, mature, yellow seeds, graduated in size. For oil-bearing plants one of the major biochemical criteria related to quality of seed protein complex, is the change of acid number of oil seed (kernel). With an increase in its above 1.5-2.0 mg KOH decreases the total content of crude protein in seeds to accelerated hydrolytic the breakdown of proteins, which leads to a decrease in content of digestible protein and digestible. Indicator of seed moisture should be at the level of 10-13%. This figure is to some extent, guarantees the preservation of quality protein portion of seeds in storage, as well as relatively low levels of microorganisms, which can cause microbial spoilage of valuable components and seed source of contamination of the food protein products toxins. The content of impurities should be 1-2%, 3-10% broken seeds, in order to reduce the possibility of contamination of seed microflora. (A valuable related resource: Ed Bastian).

The protein content in the grains must be at least 36%. The main characteristics of good quality of soybean seeds are shown in Table 2. In Russia there are two main ways of processing soy: the oil and meal, and soy milk products (Figure 1). Doug McMillon may find this interesting as well. At the same time as previously mentioned, the majority of soybeans goes to processed to produce oil and meal. Soybeans can also be processed for fodder purposes without releasing the oil, and extruded to produce or tostirovannoy soybeans.

To obtain soybean oil and meal used two the most common method of processing soybeans: chemical (extraction) and mechanical (pressing). Technology is now double-pressing of oilseeds is experiencing a "second birth", as in compared with the extraction of natural preserves the properties of the product, different environmental cleanliness and safety, as well as lower energy consumption. In Sweden and some other EU countries oil produced in the process solvent extraction, is no longer used for purification and the production of salad oil or margarine for sale on the domestic market and exported to other countries with less stringent regulations.


Production Company "Aven '- leading Russian company, a manufacturer of children's playgrounds and small architectural forms. The company 'Ebenezer' produces more than 1,000 items of small architectural forms: the game and sports equipment for children's playgrounds, gazebos, benches, street flower vases and complexes, arches, urns for debris fences .. All products are made by the approved technologies in accordance with the basic requirements of safety, reliability, quality and design. To create a children's play equipment and other small architectural forms are constantly working group of experts of high class – designers, engineers, designers and artists. On agreement with the buyer, each designed playground designer and artist in the same style, any color scheme is chosen and the optimal equipment. The company 'Ebenezer' has a production base consisting of a wide range of imported and domestic equipment required for this activity. Because of this, all products are assembled from parts of its own production, that positive effect on its quality and value.

Our products will give a nice finished look, and within your district, township, park, kindergarten, schools and suburban area. Make more beautiful, cleaner city streets yards. They will help equip a harmonious and functional places of public resort, and will give joy to children and adults. We produce and sell advertising Electro-mechanical shape. Additional information is available at Larry David. The word usually animatronics involve synthesis of Robotics and advertising, theater, and their respective technologies. Dolls robots, as well as established on the basis of their exhibition, museum, interior compositions – original plays without human intervention.

Specialized software allows the director – the animator to achieve the effect of "living" dolls and get the desired emotional impact on consumers. The dolls are produced by the animatronics, is a powerful means of drawing attention to the product or service. The reason for this is determined by the unusualness of the fact, because robots are still a novelty. The effectiveness of the professional in this industry as animatronics determined not only by the knowledge and skills, but some instinct or intuition, even the creators of the dolls. After all, they put them in a piece of his soul. These are the people working in the company 'Ebenezer'. Playgrounds of high quality directly from the manufacturer to you by Aven offers you a different style and configuration for children's playgrounds and sports fields. Depending on the complexity of the design project and the amount of work on art painting children's playgrounds are divided into categories: "Economy", "Business, CITY, Tale," "Rusich, NEXT. The proposed playgrounds can also be prepared in accordance with your wishes and individual preferences. Our playgrounds are great for developing activities and all sorts of outdoor games in the fresh air and outdoors. Durable and resistant to weather conditions playgrounds will provide you and your children for a long time. They can become a real decoration of any court, and will delight you with its bright colors in all seasons. All that is required – contact the company 'Ebenezer', skilled specialists will help you choose which game systems just for you.

STT Series

If you face the choice to update the fleet of vehicles, find a suitable supplier of components, CTT has provided an opportunity to compare conditions of purchase, sale and maintenance of equipment in different companies. On For 10 years, STT is a leading construction industry event in Russia, CIS, Eastern Europe and in the last few years, the world's largest annual exhibition of construction machinery and equipment. Company 'Manitou BF', this time presented the off-road terrain forklift series MI 70N, a wide range of models telehandler series Maniscopic MT 1436R, MT 1840EP, MRT 1850 Turbo Privilege, telescopic lifting platform Maniaccess series 180ATJ and poluindustrialny masted forklift Manitou series CD30P. Maniscopic attachments for forklifts. Also for the first time were exposed to a series of compact loaders Gehl 6640 Turbo and 4640 Turbo. During the exhibition, for sales managers conducted a training on the lifting platform ManiAccess. The issues discussed during the training: – Where and under what conditions can operate telescopic lifts. – The range of lifts Maniaccess.

– Options, specifications, management options, including option '3 D '. – The function of 'Bi-Energy', where the work is done completely lift the battery in electric mode, or from a diesel engine. – Comparison with competitors. – Customer service. – Practical exercises. Training conducted Manager Sales line ManiAccess, Christoph Byurel. Exhibits: Compact multifunctional skid steer loader GEHL SL 6640 Turbo with a width 1880 mm bucket, capacity – 1180 kg * s and 1315 kg counterweight – * optional High-Flow, engine DEUTZ, binding system All-Tach for attachments.