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Shin Guards Protect Gym

The football body contact belongs to everyday life. To protect from injury in particular the shins, Trikot.com offers Shin pads from 6.90 euro per pair. Ligamental injury to the ankle, bone fractures and bruises are on the order of the day, football because football is one of the sports with body contact, and is anything but tender. In football it is hard, especially the lower leg area must hold a lot: Lawn presumptuous, intercept balls at high speed and kicks of the opponent. Thanks to the tunnel under the soles are particularly painful, just the Shin where actually only skin protects the bones. Shin guards are a useful measure in tournaments, to bolster the leg. With fierce kicks to the metal studs can be damaged under certain circumstances even the periosteum.

In this case, a very painful bruise between bone and periosteum formed then. This means for the athletes to be used for a few days out more than inconvenient straight during the season. More info: Ed Bastian. See, athletes in addition to a wide variety of sporting goods such as clothing and accessories for a range of Shin protectors. There are the protectors “of the online shop trikot.com in different designs and sizes of the brands Umbro and jemSz. in the area of Shin pads The long Shin pads are getting used to, but it is recommended. You have a shock-resistant Board, which optimally attenuate kicks against the leg. In addition, the extension sewn on protects the sensitive ankle region. It is important to choose of the correct size. Especially with very toned calves, it makes sense to order a number so that the Velcro is still possible larger sometimes and the schooner in the game active on screen since stay where they belong. Daniel Franke