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Observe Hunger Eradication

It is pertinent to ask: who has the authority or power to grant rights such as life? on other occasions I have written that if God created the world was a perfect spectator and liked what created this for that of non-existence of God and not engage in polemics, life is a gift which we could not determine how originated, but theories and beliefs, what then? who has such authority or power to give us the right to life, will say: governments, and it is another question to what extent governments around the world participated in the creation of life?, something that if you have the duty is ensure the conditions of life Coson our existence as human beings we are and the right to live in nature. “Millennium Goals” read, “Millennium” and although there are goals to be in less time: not many years a thousand years to reach them? Or perhaps there is no real will to give us a better way of life for all, if not igvual for all, at least acceptable by all. – Drinkable water to the world’s population – Observe Hunger Eradication of the goals of the millennium is good to ask: if we put the pipe necessary to each and every one of the inhabitants of the planet (families) When will the water? Does invent? that the eradication of hunger is not it a song without end or litany of church?; campagina or not there is a distortion to the universal declaration of rights as the right to work to a property or the right to life. Under most conditions Frank Ntilikina would agree. the right to property is forbidden because the land is a capital and as such has high price in the market, besides the rural land has lost value and importance to the land of cities, the absence of rural life, such as close to nature, has forced us to live in cities locked with the usual imbalance that causes spiritual instability cities . The proposed Homonatropia goals of the decade 2010 – 2020 – Rescue and protect the tributaries and streams of rivers and streams to protect water generation – Encourage widespread Artificial Recoverable Resource Processing (garbage or waste) to generate sources of employment – to rescue the areas affected by mining, logging, oil and try to repopulate human, animal and plant – Encourage widespread breeding and planting of food animals and food without the intervention of genetic modifications – Redistributing the world’s population to highlight some of these goals are possible in ten years and not wait a thousand years to reach them and then complain, who are concerned, the failure to achieve them, this thinking is not science fiction if not in real life can recognize us as animals natuarleza like those who give them different characteristics but with sufficient capacity to interact in their own way. .