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The Design Of The Backpack .

Today the market of tourism and sporting goods can find a wide selection of various sports backpacks. And they differ not only in size, color and shape, but the appointment. Now it is not necessary to perform a backpack its main function – to carry things quite aesthetic – to emphasize the belonging to a certain group of people, subculture. Therefore, many sporting backpacks today transformed into the so-called city. And yet, a backpack – is primarily a tourist a true friend, called to help in the campaign. It is therefore important to know the device is a backpack, to be able to choose the right. The backpack consists of a bag and straps – povesnoy system.

Top aperture backpack concealed valve, which prevents the loss of things. Backpack straps are straight, sickle-shaped and S-shaped. The most optimal width 7.6 cm strap straps must be soft. Strope procrastination distribute the load on the shoulder strap backpack. They are attached at one end to the strap, and others – to the upper back. Slings-called delay of fixing the upper part of the backpack. Sometimes it happens on a backpack and chest belt, it lets straps to the sides.

Belt provides a redistribution of load from the shoulders to the hips and lumbar region. Thanks to this, the spine and shoulders have less load. In addition, fixed lower part of the backpack. Width of the lap belt should be approximately 15 cm and a thickness of 8-12 mm. Buckle the lap belt backpack should quickly come unfastened with one hand, this is the main safety requirements. Moreover, it must be very strong, not afraid of the cold and other external factors. With regard to the material of which makes the backpack, the more often it's nylon, which has a water repellent, very durable and lightweight.