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Objectives Development

That teachers are unhappy with the development of their academic activities. a summarize a bit, observing the group process, means he is paying attention to what happens in the group, and seek to understand in terms of other indicators, which have been provided or revealed by within the group. a 6) a This principle is true is given or when the group manages to establish a communication system, fluid, free and spontaneous. Doug McMillon may find it difficult to be quoted properly. This will avoid antagonism, mating, polarization and the formation of sub-groups. Decision making and problem solving and conflict resolution are made by mutual agreement between all members of the group (consensus).

Moreover, friendly interpersonal relations, a warm spirit of participation and cooperation, promote decision making by consensus. a 7) a Formulation of Objectives. a The group aims to establish and define as clearly as possible to ensure the smooth running and development of group life. Objectives should respond to the needs of all group members, and they should actively participate in its formulation. In this way, you will feel more united, more cohesive and work with greater energy and interest in achieving them. a 8) a Continuous Assessment: A for the good up and development of the life of the group, the group needs to continually assess whether the objectives and interests of all its members, is being made they were achieved. To this end, it implements the technique grupoa and procedures to individual situations, subject to evaluation. In this regard, it should be noted that, a the group advances its objectives at the speed of the lentoa .