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United States

Brazil today is parents of third world, where it does not have very advanced technology, most of household-electric, electronic devices, cars, or other ways of transporte.pois the majority comes of China, United States, among others. plus this it can move we can make more, we can grow, and feed our dreams, and perhaps to be able to dream of a better future, a better future and that recentemente. can happen to want and only to make efforts to obtain, in China the technology this most advanced one of what all the other countries therefore already exist ties robots with soul of human beings and lenbranas of other lives, more because in, Brazil cannot obtain to reach the advance goal, because we have little resources, financiers and physicists, the Brazilian people this living less before more or less the one 40 years atraz the brasilheiro people lived ties 90 years the women more or less and the 80 men, therefore today, the women estao living more or less tie the 65 years and the men 60 years.. ource.

New Technologies

– Third, the new technologies have increased substantially the reach and the complexity of the information that can be shared, through the integration of the computation with communications. Innovations as tele conference and the computer, , Internet, chat, web sites they allow to participants one ' ' horizontal' ' rich interchange without demanding that they are located in the neighborhoods. Thus, the information are in age of highly advantageous technologies for a group whose components of war are geographically dispersed or to carry through distinct activities, but complementary. ' ' It can be used to plan, to co-ordinate and to execute operations. Using to the communications she saw satellite and Internet to be able to increase the mobilization speed and to allow bigger dialogue between the members, what it increases the flexibility of the organization, a time that tcticas can be adjusted with more frequency. Read additional details here: Doug McMillon.

Individuals with one set appointments and objectivos common can form sub-groups, to congregate themselves in a white localization, to lead terrorist operations e, after that, to lock up its relations immediately to exhaust. The net of Bin Laden seems to have adoptee the technologies of the information to support its way of functioning in net. In accordance with the reporters that had visited the headquarters of Bin Laden in a remote mountainous area of the Afeganisto, the terrorist has financed modern computers and equipment of communications. For more information see Francisco D’Agostino. Bin Laden supposedly uses telephone saw satellite to co-ordinate the activities of dispersed operational groups he conceived countermeasures to guarantee its security when using these systems of communication. Arabia financier also abstains from direct use of telephones satellite, dictating many times its message for a operative next staff that then it relays telefnicamente from a different place. The cells or cooperatives of Bin Laden they have used records CD-ROM to store and to divulge information on conscription, becoming weighed bomb, weapons, and terrorist operations.