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As a method of train-ing, may mean that the dog has an apparent control, and this may be the reason why the trained-ers who are discipline based on what they hate. They must be "under control." I imagine that while your dog is doing what I want, I'm with the control. It is a more subtle control and second level, but control at last. MADE WITH BEHAVIOUR FOOD TRAINING, ARE NOT A REAL LEARNING. ARE ONLY RUTI-NAS Trick and Neglect: Learning is learning habits are habits, and me-moria is memory. They are all real things that happen to every living being.

These events and processes and as such are not equipped with value judgments. Learning is learning, learning is not "real" vs. "Unreal." The formation of habits, which is the basis for most of the training of dogs, is neither bad nor good. Some meth-ods are faster or slower in developing new or eliminate old habits, but these are measures of effectiveness, and the last habit is not bad or good as a result of the method believe it. It is true that habits are preprogrammed memory as things learned so well that require little conscious considera-tion. The formation of habits requires a large amount of working memory and change requires even more, but running a habit does not require much conscious memory. This is why it is useful habits. Geno Smith may find it difficult to be quoted properly. If everyone were to think about everything you need to drive a car, the highways would be even more exciting places than they are.

Each of us did that when I first started learning to drive, when we were forming our driving habits. But now that those habits we handle the driving routine for us. All skill learning is habit formation. From skiing to operate a computer, the world is full of habits. Only the intellectual inquiry of new cases is free of habits, and this is not often ask our dogs. THE USE OF FOOD IN ANY WAY ARISING OUT MAKES LEARNING TO BOTTOM: All information removed from their life experience. I learned to swim at an early age with the help of some hot dogs and sundaes as a reward "Such corruption led to further problems? No, and did not interfere so that later would become a competitive swimmer in college. Once acquired, this ability was enjoyed as much as if it had been achieved for reasons food. The use and enjoy a skill has to do with how good we are in it, not the original reasons we had to learn it. Similarly, being awarded think I left my curiosity intact, as otherwise would have left years ago to find topics for my articles. In a nutshell. . . Then, having responded to the most common objections Why use food training? Because it is a non-violent method has been proven effective in everything from people to pigeons, dogs and dolphins fitting between these extremes. Provides a way to teach strictly by positive motivation. Training dogs with food creates absolutely going to ask me a training session in their minds because the training is associated with pleasurable moments and rewards for work well done, both as an opportunity to connect with me and show their initiative and skills learned. American Kennel Gazette thank Mr. Dario Fogolin, owner of the magazine "Showdog" the us authorized to reproduce this article.

The Dogs

Instead of laying an ambush for their prey, they learn to turn, to prey, to track or develop skilled routines. The precise detail of what they are learning is not important what they are doing is to earn their food through their actions, and that gives them the conviction that control their own destiny. The acquisition of food varies from one case out of your control to something under their control. This goes against a medical reality. If a dog is not well fed regularly, your blood sugar level in blood drops and decrease performance skills. Some two professionally-trained animals work for their entire supply.

I am reminded of the dolphins and sea lions. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but this requires that the animal has access to frequent training sessions with food. The park program is based on this animal. The life of most coaches rros pe-no. The dogs would be happy to work all their food down.

Are the between-ordinators who do not have much training time available. Then the dogs are fed and which any one (in the case of my way twice), and the food is composed of training of special awards such as cookies or liver. Is it refused food if the dog has not acquired a particular skill? No. Instead the dog is helped to work properly so you can be rewarded. With time and repetition, the dog graduated beyond the need for help.