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Business Day Exchange Dealer

Working day currency dealers foreign commercial banks generally begins at 7-30 am local time. At 8-00 am dealers are actively making deals. The morning half an hour usually devoted to a brief analysis of the events in world currency markets at the time of commencement of work. Retailers and leading dealers use economic and technical analysis of the market, read analytical articles in the press, exchange points of view, as well as Fresh rumors with each other and with dealers from other commercial banks. By 8 o'clock in the morning market, consisting of individual dealers, develops tactics of behavior in general and begins to be included in the operation of the world "currency market giving a new impetus to vigorous movements in exchange rates. Various territorial markets can provide the following characteristics of the average typical activity during the day.

Far East, where the most active transaction market conversion operations dollar to the Japanese yen, the dollar mark, mark the yen and the dollar to Australian dollar, but in general, fluctuations in exchange rates are rather insignificant (20 – 50 pips). In Moscow at this time of night and morning (before afternoon in Moscow, you can work with Tokyo to lunch – with Singapore). Europe at 10-00 Moscow time the market opens in the European financial centers of the mainland – Zurich, Frankfurt-am-Main, Paris, Luxembourg. However, really powerful movement of the exchange value of the dollar against other major currencies (in particular, to the German mark) begins after 11-00 Moscow time, when the London market opens. This continues, usually within two to three hours, after which the dealers of the European banks go to lunch – lunch, and market activity is slightly reduced. Exchange rate movements may be in the range 10 – 15 pips (dealers call it dead or boring market – dead or boring market), but can sometimes reach 70 – 100 pips (ie, large figures), which is characterized as a lively and busy market (bouant or busy market). North America The situation revived again with the opening of the market in New York, 16-00, Moscow time when they start morning work dealers of American banks, as well as the return from lunch, European dealers.

Force of European and American banks are about equal, so the fluctuations in the average does not go beyond usual European fluctuations. Nevertheless, foreign exchange dealers look forward to the opening of the New York market to get fresh data on the possible movement of the course (especially if the European market has been sluggish). However, after the close of the European market (about 19-20 hours Moscow time), aggressive American banks, left alone to "thin" market, can lead to a drastic change in dollar exchange rate to the German mark, yen, pound sterling, etc. At that time, accounted the most dramatic movements of exchange rates – up to 400 – 500 pips (USD / DEM), which corresponds to a few percentage points of changes in value.


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