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Creative Power

That is why I say that it is not enough to be most, but know that it is. For this purpose it is necessary to not applaud to mediocrity and to realize that the first task is not out of the dictator, but revive the strength of the imagination and placed in a substitute higher level. The power of rejection will be evaporate the dictator. We could call it more graphically, as a consolidation of desire. How to transform this desire into a reality only you can by an omnilateral spread. Joint action is irrepresible and I do not mean a crowd facing a force of deterrence or repressive, I am referring to the Constitution of a common will since here it is not a military dictatorship more but of a wrapped in ideological clothes. I speak of a capacity to melt the values that come from the comprehensive power. If we want to take it to the language of today, the issue lies in carrying the virtual to real.

I have said many times that the realities are constructed. What I am saying is that we need to replace a reactive or negative capacity for a positive ability to instituting taxation in different ways. The political power of the rejection to be effective must be autoadecuando not to allow the regime to select and extinguish the liberating impulses imposing its seemingly imperceptible reduction until it makes residual. The creative crowd has powers not available to power. The values that create the crowd or feeding or worn to this new power totalitarian, unpublished and multiple handling of repression.

Remove the domain from the social body and reduce it to mere enclosed power itself, is the path. For that the crowd should be released and then the power will enter in an unstoppable decline. Everything else is exercise strategic and tactical variants on the praxis of political action.