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Palma De Mallorca Luxury Residential Area

Son Vida is the upscale residential area in Palma de Mallorca. At the same time Son Vida is one of the most expensive residential areas in Europe. Son Vida is located some 5 minutes drive north east of Palma. About the ring road around Palma to get from the exit "Son Rapinya" through a single access road into the entrance guarded by a security firm housing development. Above the golf course on the slopes of the "Tramuntana Son Vida enthroned the luxury chalets. The view from there is unique. The view extends far beyond the Majorcan plains of the highest peaks of the Tramuntana mountain to mountain "Puig de Randa" in Llucmajor.

At the foot is Palma de Mallorca and the "Bahia de Palma" (Bay of Palma). At night you can enjoy a magnificent view of the illuminated city of Palma de Mallorca. Not least, the area has developed through the early 60s, this luxury hotel "Castillo Hotel Son Vida" as well as by the first golf course in Mallorca Golf Son Vida "to an upscale residential area. Meanwhile, the celebrities in the range of 4 Luxury Son Vida hands. Elaborately must be the rock of the slopes are removed to establish the chalets there. Likewise, the expensive villas in Son Vida will be built.

The equipment is high. Newer homes in Son Vida often have elevators and parking garages. Luxurious, spacious bathrooms and kitchens are in vogue. Son Vida offers tranquility in luxurious surroundings and also close to the city of Palma de Mallorca.

Real Estate Value of Gardens

Many homeowners with a garden in which they may have are special plants decide to opt for a winter garden. Such a conservatory is an extension of the house, which also be used as additional living space – this is then the so-called warm winter garden, where you can keep good tropical plants with a constant climate, a heater, a sun and good ventilation – can. Alternatively, there is still a cold winter in the non-hardy plants at up to + 5 degrees can overwinter and the mid-warm winter, which can stand in cool temperature subtropical plants from the cooler regions of Asia. The conservatory can be built from different materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, a combination of stainless steel and aluminum, plastic, wood, from a combination of wood and aluminum and an aluminum-steel combination. A winter garden Wood / Aluminum has been a very special atmosphere, because you can completely relax between exotic plants and beautiful comfortably read or eat.

It is important to plan in any case, the correct appropriate frame, proper glazing, a good reliable ventilation system for ventilation – to prevent mold or collect moisture – can be a good enough sunscreen – because such a conservatory but mainly consists of windows. The material combination of wood and aluminum for the winter brings the most positive of the two materials with them. From wood he gets the cozy atmosphere and the aluminum is virtually no maintenance. This combination shows even after a long time at the critical points and no weathering is largely weather-resistant.