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Breeding Chinchillas

South American rodents chinchilla with long bushy tail and a valuable silver-gray fur recently acquired great popularity among animal lovers and farmers. The newspapers mentioned NBA not as a source, but as a related topic. For some exotic animal in the house is mascot and prosperity, for others – the object of fur farming. As domestic animals kept chinchillas have the Incas, and the name of this animal comes from a tribe of Indians chynchyl. Despite the fact that rodents considered very valuable prey, hunting them was regulated, and the fur of chinchillas was built in the royal rank. Chinchilla products could only be members of the nobility. But with the arrival of Spanish conquerors of animals imminent direct threat of extinction: the Europeans liked their amazing beauty of thick fur.

The new direction the fur industry is largely due to his appearance, primarily Californian, MF Chapman, who developed a method of breeding for fur farms. Successful experiments with domesticated animals, allowed to keep chinchillas in nature and to save them from the merciless destruction. After the death of the first shinshilovoda case continued his son, founded in 1942, own farm for breeding. A decade later, shinshillovodstvom occupied most of the developed countries of Europe, Asia and Australia. Today, most large farms are located in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic. Breeders breeding chinchillas successful conclusion to the new color. The demand for fur is growing every year. Annually for sale in Copenhagen attracts buyers and sellers from 450 countries. Put up at auction thousands of different skins categories, and characteristically, always in an unstable value – in fact, such a product is unique, and like any currency, maneuvering in the price.

Earn Money

Most users have heard about the possibility of odd jobs on the Internet. But tell that this work on the Internet, what is its difference, and what actually perform the work wisely on the internet, can not each. We will try together to figure out how to earn on the Internet. In my opinion, there are only six types of honest income, which can be noted. First – make money on fayloobmenikah. He is probably one of the most labor-intensive and low-profit types of profit. Its idea is that you download from file sharing to other interesting programs or movies, advertise them, calling to upload data files. The value of your earnings depends on the volume of downloaded files to them.

Second – make money for surfing. Its meaning is that you do provide a variety of tasks, more often, read a letter or pass on to various links or advertising. This is, without doubt, the worst possible way to earn money. Third – gambling. Then the profit margin depends on you.

This method assumes a lot of knowledge and requires constant analysis of the situation, because play all very simple. Fourth – sports betting online. Here, as in the previous method of making a profit, will depend only on you all. Fifth – working copywriter. In my opinion, the most attractive profit. Its meaning is not complicated: you called a news topic, and you write it and get paid for it. Sixth – make money on its Internet site. The difficulty lies not in how to make money on it, and how to create quality web design. Types of receiving money from Site set – is selling links, banner and contextual advertising, affiliate programs and much more. What to choose, you decide .