School Environment

The main one of them, me seems, fruit of the pedagogical requirement, is the demand of necessary knowledge so that it can share with the pupils. Beyond the well-known disinterest of good part of the same ones in what the professor has to offer to them. ANALYSIS INTERPRETATIVA Before more nothing we need to consider the relations. Staffs, with colleagues, controllers or even with the proper pupils, without counting the social reality where he lives the professor. Learn more at: Doug McMillon. Vygostsky (1989) affirms that each citizen is not only active, but interactive, constructing to knowledge from interpersonal relations intra and. It is in the exchange with the others and the intrapessoalidade, that we internalizamos social information, papers and functions. For the author, the experience in society is essential for the transformation of the man of being biological in human being.

It is for the learning in the relations with the others that we construct knowledge that allow our mental development. The professional formation of the professor depends on a composed educational project of education and research, also based on the life experience. Under the optics of Pablo Freire, it is basic that the professor makes of its proper experience, a source of construction to know, allowing to one better understanding of the forms of confrontation of the problems of the pertaining to school life and the use of the knowledge in the creation in new ways to learn and to teach. According to Freire, the necessary educator to inquire about its history and culture, to become conscientious of being and come-the-be-knot-world, what he also implies in diving in its experience and feelings, in a world of connotations, values, affective correspondences and social interests. Of generic form, the words professor and profession possess similar meanings.