Practical Education

ENDURO the REGULARITY FOOT Metodolgica Proposal of education in the Physical Education Pertaining to school SUMMARY This work presents a simple vision of the pertaining to school Physical Education and its content, contemplating the simple actions of a closed education to the practical conventionals, giving emphasis to some esportivas modalities. However, a new modality of content has despertado interests of the implantation in the pertaining to school areas. This modality is known as Enduro the foot of Regularity, pertaining to the category of the physical activities of adventure in the nature (AFAN). This activity, beyond providing the physical activity directly, as the proper act of if putting into motion, adds the action to transdisciplinar as, for example, the use of the mathematics, geography, as well as approaches on subjects to the transversal subjects in the ambient questions, providing to the pupil the conviviality with the way and the proper process of learning and respect of significant form. The revision of literature allowed to exemplificar finding possibilities of if working another content beyond the traditional sports, suggesting and pointing the Enduro the foot of Regularity, as strong ally of the physical education. Word-key: Pertaining to school Physical education, Practical conventional, physical Activities of adventure in the nature, Enduro the foot of Regularity. INTRODUCTION the practical one of the physical education with the intention of the formation of the character and the individual with the educational responsibility daily presents new questions and diversities of execution of the work, having as focus the constant search of new knowledge. The proposal of this work searchs to present of simplified form, practical of the Enduro the foot of Regularity, one of the practical ones of the physical activities of adventure in the nature (AFAN), of form to transdiciplinar in the pertaining to school physical education, alerting and acquiring knowledge of the responsibility and cares with the preservation of the environment, thus propitiating, a new experience of the physical activity.