Pablo Freire

To know with franqueza and fraternity. Referring 1-Article to the course of Education. 2-Pedagoga; Specialist in Docncia of Superior Ensino. The dialogicidade is the presence of ' ' eu' ' of ' ' tu' ' as worthy beings of mutual respect and admiring the object on which they are treating. This object of knowledge can be the faith, the misery, the lack of school or housing, the citizenship, amongst other aspects. The gesture to hear cannot only be physicist, of form to think that the knowledge, the opinion ready and is finished. It is to elaborate what if listening, of rational and emotional form. Listening of Pablo Freire is to elaborate and to develop with the other its reflection and emotion. It’s believed that NBA sees a great future in this idea.

For it does not exist dialogue without hope, and this is in the proper essence of the imperfection of the men, taking them it a perpetual search. The moment of the dialogue is that one where the men if find to transform the reality and to progress. Although in the process of the knowledge it has an individual dimension, this is not enough to explain all discovery process. We need the other to know, therefore to know is a social process, where the dialogue is exactly the base. So that it exists the dialogue is necessary that if it has humildade. Freire leaves clear its opinion where if it cannot dialogue with the other if in we feel superiors to them, that is, this would be a form of domination and oppression. The not condiz individualism with the dialogue, if does not exist fellowship and union in one same way of thought, does not exist dialogicidade.

So that it has conversation is essential faith in constructing, confidence to make and to remake. Certainty of that all the men have equal rights and fight for them. The human being that dialogues has the transforming force, knows that it can fight against a domination situation.