Old Labor Movements

Social needs compelled to mass action. But traditions for example, the old labor movement in Western Europe and Europe’s economic backwardness Eastern frustrated the fulfillment of the historic mission workers. Western Europe saw the masses defeated fascism and the rise of Mussolini and Hitler, while the backward economy of Russia was developing a “communism” in which the distinction between class and art, the specialization of functions and the regimentation of labor reached its most high. In Venezuela, the role of the masses is very relevant today, especially at the end, proposals of the Bolivarian Revolution has given way to a new paradigm or a new way of looking at social movements, about the changes that have occurred , before the conflict between the groups opposed to Socialism and its supporters. Faced with this reality shows noticiasdelsur.com that if the traditional way will assess the social movements in Venezuela, we could conclude, with few exceptions, which are characterized by a purposeful organizational weakness, a certain dispersion and disintegration, lacking visibility, without control platform clear, suffering from self-censorship, lacking its own political initiative, level of institutionalization of some and more in an almost vertical alignment with government policies.

However, possibly the Bolivarian Revolution is also offering us a new era for social movements, giving them a leading role in public policy and in shaping a New Model of State. While, internationally, the Venezuelan government develops smooth relations with almost all social movements in Latin America and the rest of the world, unpublished spaces as a result of the Advisory Council on Social Movements of ALBA (Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas).