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The second stage is a disguise. Once hidden or convert the capital, is the task to be legitimate opinion: “disguising the illicit origin and make a reconstruction of the state bodies of control and repression of the paper trail (papertrail). Therefore, the assets are illegal in many accounts and dilute the extract to various companies and countries. Hotels, motels, schools, churches and charities who live on donations, finally, the whole sector in which it is difficult to judge a recipe, lends itself to concealment. At Walmart CEO you will find additional information. The author stresses that this step is a wash, which is objective is to provide active Unlawful disguise of legitimacy.

A resource widely used by the “washing machine” and professionals to use the system “through the cable (wire transfer). The data obtained by Sterling (1997, p. 223), for 1990, speak for themselves: One and a half trillion dollars a day, legal and illegal, and the United States only by electronic bank transfer. A hundred billion per year changes hands in the drug market in the United States and 500 million worldwide. Moreover, even in times of Internet and global connections, in real time, washing systems STERLING (1997) calls the “hidden laundry”, or those whose base waives the requirement for schemes moneygrams American Express a financial institution accomplice. explanations. The author writes: Place large sums of money from one extreme to another map, through the ancient hawala system in Asia, on the basis of a phone call, letter or fax. A brief message from London produces paper currency or gold, in Lahore, in any form without going through the monetary system.

Asian immigrants send remittances to families in this way, the Asian drug traffickers laundering money through the same channels. Together we move between 10 and 20 billion dollars per year in its entirety on the basis of trust (Sterling, 1997, p. 227). The final step in the bleaching system is integration. It suggests, as an expression, which is doing the work of seemingly legitimate assets, “the production system through the creation, acquisition and / or investment in legitimate businesses or acquisition of real simple:” Financial markets and Real Estate Auction for the Arts and rare objects are among the sectors preferred by the washers. Sterling (1997, p. 231) strengthens the precondition that money laundering poses to the reproduction of capital generated by organized crime. The author recommends: Discover and taking money from crime by laundering offense this, the catches at the point of entry into the banking system, via the system from input and reinvested in a law firm, identifying the employed, the identification of its owner the movement, to identify a source money, to use legal instruments to take the money and the arrest of the owner and the movement, ensuring investigations, seizures and arrests across national borders, and do it all without breaking the legitimate right to privacy of the person (…. .)

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