Jens Menzenbach

It is beneficial, since the same article with individual labels can be found. A separate line is associated with each article in which the number of completed auctions and then achieved final prices, and the sum of the bids are. All prices are represented mathematically summarized as average price. The indicated price range is made from the lowest and highest price. This auction data are calculated for auction as good as new and used items and displayed. Right next to the fields for prices and bid number is still the appropriate category of the items at the auctions were discontinued.

If more than an auction exists for the selected article, can be changed by clicking on the Green Info icon at the right bottom of the price field in the detail of this article. In this view, you can see then for each completed auction in particular achieved prices and bid number and the end date of each auction. First the used items are displayed, and including the new appear in the connection. Back to the results list can be found right next to the name of each article a small icon and click opens a new window with suitable images for the displayed article. These photos are supplied by well-known Google image search and are thus not direct part of the agents of of value of.

After further articles for the following search, the search box from the results list or detail view can be used comfortably. Also there is again, matching better to find item descriptions, the Autocompleter. The user of agent of value is very simple, very quick and intuitive. Using this new online tool, seller in the position are to estimate how many bids and the final price can be achieved already prior to the start of a scheduled auction. As a buyer can be explored with the tool, how the amount of the final price of the desired article will evolve after end of auction. Jens Menzenbach