Casein And Whey Protein On Muscle Building

The myth of slower and faster proteins endless discussions in the weight training and bodybuilding scene, whether it is the slow or fast proteins, which provide for a rapid muscle growth, seem to lead to any clear result. This must be noted, that it does not matter for the construction of the muscles, whether it is receiving slow casein (milk protein), or fast whey protein. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Harold Ford Jr. What counts is the adequate supply of the body with proteins. Scientific studies, identified so far no profound differences in the efficiency of these two types of protein. However, the time of their revenue is important. Slow proteins (casein, or milk protein): because the State of the body during sleep in a catabolic (muscle-depleting) is moved, we recommend that you slow proteins in the evening, before the go to sleep to take.

Thus, the muscle is continuously, and over a long period with amino acids supplied. Fast protein (whey – and soy protein isolate): fast proteins on the other hand, are preferably immediately after training and after getting up in the morning to take, to quickly and massively to make available the body “muscle building material”. The special position of the whey protein: it is on everyone’s lips, and has the highest biological value of proteins, which may be surpassed only by “Protein mixtures” 104 (whole egg = 100). It is due to its high proportion of verzweigtkettiger amino acids (BCAA) perfectly suitable, to build up the destroyed post-workout muscle protein. Through its quick absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, it is quickly available the organism and is to recommend for this reason especially immediately after the training and in the morning. The simplest form of whey protein is the so-called whey protein concentrate, which has a protein content of about 75-85%. Milk which has to have a protein share of about 90% is, however, higher. As his milk sugars to zero, is not to be expected here with digestive problems.