Anita Fenske

For Anita Fenske, a world collapsed at the time. “I thought to myself: now!” After this setback, Anita Fenske had to orient new. The year between the two entrance exams she to bridge has worked as teacher in a gym. The work makes her so much fun, that she came up with the idea to qualify for the fitness trainer. I had missed the entrance examination only to five seconds, a world collapsed for me first, my great dream was burst. “Friends advised me to try it with an education but I wanted to study at any price and thought to myself: now.” Before Anita Fenske was pushed on the Bachelor’s degree at the German University of prevention and health management, but she didn’t know which companies could turn. This time, she said the Chief of the studios, where she worked.

To study at the German University, she needed even a training company. I asked my boss if I could complete the operational part of my studies in his Studio. I knew that it is connected to such a qualification of employees with high costs and I am very “happy that my boss has agreed to discontinue me, because he wanted early dear, I do a training for sports and fitness Manager.” Note: The three-year dual Bachelor’s degree at the German University connects a company training in a company of the future prevention, fitness and health, and a distance learning compact periods of personal attendance at study centres in Germany (nationwide), Austria and of Switzerland. While the accumulated tuition fees generally by the training company are applied. “The Bachelor’s degree is the best thing that could happen to me!” in 2006, Anita Fenske began her Bachelor’s degree in the study of fitness training. Of the education system and the curriculum, she’s so excited that she would decide again for the Bachelor’s degree at the German University.