Third Wave Staff

The machine must carry on my work, and she can only stand in traffic jams! This is probably the main reasons that point in the polls back-office workers, managers of various urovney.Poprobuem in this short article to understand – This is the reason or irrational phobia. To get started is a small quote Toffler in his book “The Third Wave” of the “post-industrial era and the need to move the working space of the office staff the house. Toffler writes: “should realize that even if 10-20% of the workforce will have to make this historic move, the whole of our economy, our cities, our environment, the structure of our family, our values and even our politics changed almost beyond recognition. ” Correlating with the above statement is the result of surveys we can conclude that we have in mind has firmly entrenched core values of the industrial age “second wave” of terminology, the same Alvin Toffler. In the increasing pace of economic crisis, the words uttered about the economy so far, that sounds like the chorus to the main leitmotif – the need to reduce jobs minimizing development programs.

Personally, I am from this draw the conclusion that the bottom we have not yet reached. It seems that the economy has become truly effective it needs to start to disappear almost. Naive belief of many leaders that their personal presence in the office can get the shock staff works hard breaks on the following assumption – it appears that the absence of the leader – creates laziness and inability to bring the case to end? Hence, is still required, finally, determine what indicators, what processes will be for employees “, thus supervisor, who is always there”? About the security issue is quite serious, however, should be fairly aware of – so if effective your security? At least the information? According to independent experts, almost 90% of cases under the existing system of control staff to easily have an opportunity at the office to download data not only corporate database, and copy the various documents and files.