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Agricultural Charity Auction

The Agricultural charity auction Will be coming up in June. Its mother confectioned a pretty white towel with cases of cotton income. Beautiful flowers, cultivated in the seedbeds of the proper house of the FESTEIRO had been taken, for its grandmother materna. Sam Mikulak: the source for more info. Red ceramics vases had been taken well flowery as details of the arrumao. The SANTA CRUZ OF the PINEAPPLE was very pretty! Also it fit to the FESTEIRO OF the MONTH to serve biscuits, big cookies, cakes everything watered with liquors. During the accomplishment of that liturgy through traditional tero, the FESTEIRO held the CROSS of the small altar and had its paper of prominence to the front of the quack well. In this festive day with exception, Z OF the BOOT did not hold the CROSS because proper it was the KNOB OF the TERO, already in one tenra age showed to its dom of devout> santeiro.A time per year, the agricultural proprietors of that region of the ABACAXIZEIRO promoted a great party with mass celebration, quermesse with auctions of bovines, swines, goat and birds. thus in that piece of a well provincial land was per decades imprisoned to the great traditions, marking a happy time very, as much as half of the friendship links, solidarity, fellowship, filantrpicas communication, devotion, charity, campaigns and mainly a provincial family as example of an immense union fraterna.

Later the ABACAXIZEIRO was changed by the progress. It started to be a great quarter, conserving the presence of humble and devoted families. One even though became an urban center, industrial. It brought jobs, estabilidades of survival to the families, there inserted. An increasing, evolved, prepared population nucleus is denoted for the new generations. The CHAPEL having as protector the marcante figure of IS LAZARUS who stops the founding traditionalists of one community still preserves its traditions.