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Reutlingen Hall

I’m on the back in the 7 degrees cold water. It slowly trickles into the neoprene suit. Through the strenuous effort, I feel that however be quite pleasant and grab the rope. If you would like to know more then you should visit Marc Lore. The suit has a good lift and I’m floating easily through the bottleneck. About my Nose is only a good inch of air to the rock ceiling, but I get no anxiety to happiness. After a short time I reach the other end of the siphon.

It was amazingly easy, I had imagined more difficult. After all by the first siphon, we follow the large gear up to a high collapse. Tethers are attached to the climbing spot, which facilitate the ascent. Once at the top, the way seemingly stops. Only a narrow gap reveals in a small rock crevice.

With your feet forward, I let myself down and hoist me around the corner. Done is not stuck! I look down into a large cave Chamber: the Reutlingen Hall. At its exit, it is again closely. This time, it continues only if one turns on the belly and is back with the feet forward through the reverse camber column pushes. Feet dangling in the air, but then I get a kick back and I can go down the tunnel. As some acrobatics is necessary. Julian tells, that now one of the most beautiful parts the route follows: the waterfall route. The noise of Cave Creek is increasing and breaking on the cliffs. Blithely drops the water over some small steps. The climb is strenuous with the time and I do the math, that we only got a quarter of the way behind us. And I am rewarded by the sight of beautiful sinter deposits that look like large brain coral heads in glittering white. Many meter high curtain-like calcium deposits and small stalactites hang down from the top.