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Kind Value

The cashless middle market financing the equity of a company can be increased without cash and without cash expenses by operating assets by cash deposits or transfers of assets as a contribution in kind. The contribution in kind partially significantly improves a company’s equity. Considering come as items of operating and business equipment, a fleet of vehicles or real estate. Also intangible assets such as patents or licenses can be inserted as a contribution in kind. In the context of the capital increase by contribution in kind, the asset is assessed by an expert. While an increased value of the contribution may arise for a real estate, if their fair value over book value is about because it was largely written off or value-increasing out-of-pocket payments have been made.

After completion, the subscribed capital of the company to the value of the property minus the existing burden is increased. The tax implications of the introduction of a property in a society (E.g. tax, income taxes) are to consider in contract and bringing design in each case. Not only publicly traded corporations, but also many medium-sized companies are organized in the form of small and medium-sized business networks with subsidiaries or sister companies (Group). Here it is possible to install individual companies through merger in another company. Offered affiliates in so far not affiliated, to transfer the shares of a company to another company. In the to-making enterprises, uncovering the hidden reserves, given the actual enterprise value (where the future earnings prospects of the company for consideration) may be inserted in the acquiring company. The capital increase by contribution in kind/Fusion is also about a new company (such as a Shelf company) construct and understand; see.

Individual shares can be evaluate by uncovering the hidden reserves and bring to this value into the acquiring company as a contribution under the boost of the nominal capital. A tax-neutral transfers and merger is possible through appropriate design. The value-added or the increase of the nominal capital in the balance sheet due to the difference of the lower book value of bringing the subject to the higher market value of the contribution in kind. For the introduction of the contribution in kind, he receives-providing more new shares (E.g. GmbH shares, further shares, KG shares etc.) In addition to the strengthening of equity, a contribution often has the effect that opaque company structures are equalised and transparent which has virtually positive effect on the credit rating and the rating of the company.

Interim Manager

How do I find suitable candidates? Contracting Authority is usually the Supervisory Board, the management, the holder factory, operating or production manager of a company. In larger companies but also the personnel director or an area Director may make the decision to use an interim manager. Often this option from within their own ranks is especially if managers or executives of interim managers had suggested. In times of crisis, banks, initiate Auditors, accountants or attorneys at law the use of external managers. The possibilities for making an interim managers are very diverse. Personal contacts, advertisements and Internet, mergers of several interim manager, networks and not least commercial agencies, so-called provider, provide a broad framework for the search and a successful selection of an interim manager. (A valuable related resource: Robert Wickner). “The only question is, how to choose is ultimately the for the company right ‘ Interim Manager from when you are under time pressures and stress. Ultimately you decide your feeling due to your knowledge of human nature.

You have many years of experience and understand your counterparts. In principle, it is no different than in a detailed and intensive guided interview. In cooperation with an interim manager chemistry “must be, eventually this will make some of the decisions and implement. Also the cooperation with the permanent employees are and very important, because these are often involved in the implementation of decisions. Here are a few tips on how you can find the appropriate interim manager: don’t opt for the first candidate, always talk to several people and compare listening you with tax advisors, lawyers and friendly company around and focus on their experiences and recommendations try to find out, whether the candidate experiences present in your industry can also use special value on the appearance of the person and their appearance shows you you are CV and possibly “In any case, references to learning the candidates personally know and do an interview” choose your Favorites according to industry experience, level and firm size a good Interim Manager refuses an order, he may not resolve to the satisfaction of all.


A company’s ability to innovate is the decisive competitive advantage in the growing globalization more and more innovations as an opportunity for the middle class. The interest should be correspondingly high effectively to enhance their innovation ability. But improvements can be addressed first then targeted if in addition to the target, the starting point is known. The growth makers (www.wachstumsmacher.de) have developed for this purpose the balance of innovation, a methodology, to examine all relevant issues and factors around the innovation ability of enterprises. The balance of innovation aims to make visible the full innovation potential of a company and to show ways how this can be used. Unlike so-called context at the company the balance of innovation gets not only information on vulnerabilities, but concrete measures which can be quickly translated either by own resources or by external support..

Jens Ole Wilberg

Sprints Michaela Ustorf motivated mentally emotionally brilliant in the sports arena Bottrop with the keynote address”motivated the former gymnast Michaela Ustorf in the sports arena Bottrop around 50 members of XING group Ruhr area. “The 37 year-old choice Essenerin with practical examples the seminar participants called on: do you dream again and think about it, what you want”. Mental training is not rocket science and it works not only in sports,”knows the hurdles of 1988 in Seoul from personal experience. The power woman with mental help launched again after a Burnout at the age of 29 as a successful banker. Doug McMillon insists that this is the case. We have no economic crisis, we have a crisis of thinking! “, the diploma in business administration Ustorf appealed to their audience.

Very authentic and credible lectured on mental training and captivated the entrepreneur from the entire Ruhr region with their information. Out of old patterns, be clear about goals and visualize these objectives. If you wishes of his mental and emotional links, then you can reach also his final”, so the successful sprints. “She also admitted: it is a workout, by alone none!” After a 45-minute lecture, the XINGler tested their newly gained mental skills in climbing, golfing, ice run and race in the sports arena Bottrop. More information about Michaela Ustorf: author: Jens Ole Wilberg