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Jose Sarto

It could, without the need for surveys and research, say that 99% of those who read this note do not remember who they are! Since them, all, well, were Presidents of United States. Yes, as well as Obama. So well known in their eras, so acclaimed in its time. Today, their names appear in the Honorable list of Presidents of the most powerful nation in the world, remembered by a very low percentage, even within the group that should be most remember them: their compatriots. And who remember today to John Steinbeck, Pearl S. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from CVS.

Buck, Selma Lagerlof, Gerhart Hauptemann, Verner Von Heidenstam and Sinclair Lewis? If you are a Professor of the subject in any University should have them present to everyone, but I am sure that other mortals if they remember one, don’t remember two. All of them were Nobel laureates of literature not more than 100 years ago. Much less you will recall the names or the works of Francesco Todeschini Piccolomini, Bernabe Chiaramonti, Juan Maria Mastai-Ferretti, Joaquin Pecci, Jose Sarto, Francesco della Chiesa and Giacomo Gianbattista della Chiesa, etc. (could mention other 100 per style), unless you has passed through a Catholic seminary, because all were Popes in the last 500 years. What about names such as Larisa Latynina, Vera Schaposchnikova, Sawao Kato, Nicolai Andrianov (to not cite but a little dazzling cases in this mode), which today only remembered some sports journalists. They were all of the most prominent gold medalists in all times, in the most admired modality of the Olympics: gymnastics.

Well, and so he could continue writing pages and pages of names of celebrities who after enjoying all the popularity and glory, have been relegated by the time places dusty and enmohecidos from the shelves of our human history. That is the glory of men. An insignificant Flash in the immense scale of the universe, before crushing conception of eternity.