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European Championship

Alex Herrera 20 m Pau and Navarro returned to lead with 20 and 17 points, respectively (73-89). Felipe Reyes, Rudy and Calderon gave good image in the 2nd match of Spain. So we tell the match minute by minute. Special Eurobasket Lithuania 2011 Results, classification and calendar. Second stake for Spain in the European Championship of Lithuania and second consecutive triumph, this time against Portugal (73-89), in a meeting that places end clashes before the two rivals of less quality of Group A. The clash on Friday against Britain will mean the first serious test (14.15 hours), within an order, and that the appearance of the other important men, beyond of the three stars (Pau, Marc and Navarro), should now be a fact. There was news of the missing persons and good ways to Felipe Reyes, Rudy Fernandez after your allergic process on Wednesday and Jose Manuel Calderon.

First, the brash and contribution; the second, in the intensity; and third, in the direction. Calderon is key for a team that needs a dominant base of command, and especially points (achieved 7). Scariolo ripped with their elected five and repeated the plan lived before Poland: balls to post low so that the Gasol from exercising his power. That superiority appeared the early advantages, helped in part by the success of Navarro. I.e.

same schema as in the first encounter and same results. In addition, Ibaka and Rudy knew slow Portugal push led by Tavares and Evora, although not enough to unsettle the red in the first quarter (16-26). The script remained after the first break and Spain continued without finding too many troubles to punish rival marker, thanks to that the percentage in the shooting of 3, lousy against the Poles, was around 50% (at the end was 30) and the fluidity of Pau was constant, with a trickle of points difficult to avoid (raised to 16 to rest).

Karst Marine

Of great scientific interest, is framed in a landscape of great beauty, unique in Catalonia. Terrestrial vegetation and especially the fauna are worthy of study, but what determines the exceptional value of the Medes in the Mediterranean is its marine environment. The proximity of the coast and the mouth of the River Ter provide organic matter, and the influence of the winds and currents of the North favor bottom water entry at the same time that they enrich it with organic input even from the Rhone.

In addition, this marine area is characterized by different depths in his background and a diverse composition, sandy or Rocky, as well as training Karst with large cavities and tunnels, with an emphasis on the great variety of environments and species that are found in them (1345 marine taxa identified studied animal and plant groups). Checking article sources yields Randall Rothenberg as a relevant resource throughout. In this area there are many watersports, including scuba diving and sailing, as well as tours in boats, some of which offer the possibility of viewing the ocean floor with a floor and a bottom of the boat with transparent Windows. Currently the Islands Medes is the largest marine natural park of Catalonia and one of the most important in the Mediterranean. L Estartit, main port from where you can get to the Illes Medes, can rent apartments on the Costa Brava for a good holiday in an incomparable area. L Estartit currently is considered a neighborhood of Torroella de Montgri 3.571 inhabitants (in 2009) and currently is the zone of the population which generates 60 per cent of the resources of the population through tourism.. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak may help you with your research.