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Mendocino East

Of birds, rafting and jellies: a stroll by the mendocino east the tourist zone east of the province of pretty Mendoza with the province of San Luis and is conformed by the departments of Santa Rosa and La Paz. Moved away of the mountain range, the zone allows to run a little the traditional circuit of snow, wines and sports of adventure to discover the rich shades of a different Mendoza. What it does not mean that the emblems of the tourism cuyano do not say present, and not can, for example, to practice trekking or rafting or to enjoy flavorful regional products. Welcomes to different an equal Mendoza but. Almost the totality of the surface of the department of the east of Santa Rosa is occupied by the desert of the Passage.

A condition that, as cuyano is a constant in the territory, has not been able to stop the push of its inhabitants. The famous and delicious mendocina honey comes from the numerous bird-raising farms that lay out the region. To the flank of the routes, great amount of positions offers exquisite dry fruits just harvested. And although as all the rest of the province does not lack there vineyards and warehouses; the zone this is the unique one of the province where the emblematic culture is another one: the fruit in all varieties. Or to consume it fresh or to savor it in incredible jellies, conserves and jams of the region, more than deserved fame. In the mendocino east, to those who likes of the candy worldwide discover a true secret paradise. In the middle of the monotonous dryness of the desert of the Passage it arises in Santa Rosa, suddenly, the green miracle of the first protected natural area of the province: the Natural Reserve of ancun. Its name, that means white eagle, pays tribute to that outside the last cacique of Malarge, and allied unconditional of General San Martin.

Declared Sanctuary of Carob trees, in her the noble species resurges with new determination that almost disappears after the indiscriminate cutting of aims of century XIX and beginnings of the s. XX. The leafy glasses of the carob trees are home of numerous species of woodpeckers, yales, calandrias and chingolos. And by the park majestic cats take a walk wild, gray cats of the pajonal, ferrets and vixens. In search of strong emotions? In the department of La Paz, the Desaguadero river, natural limit between San Luis and Mendoza, offer the ideal frame for the practice of aquatic sports like boating, kayaking or rafting.