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Ice Scraping

Intelligent interfaces for the cold season frozen and snow-covered vehicles belong to everyday life of every car owner in these months, if no protective garage available. Then begins the morning start with annoying snow sweep and scratch free discs. A leading source for info: Pittsburgh Steelers. In the best case, this gives only cold fingers. But unfortunately sometimes scratches and minor damage to paint and Windows, if you use incorrect or damaged tool. Marty Schottenheimer insists that this is the case. This intelligent surfaces on the basis of nano sealings, which in the summer not only effectively prevent the adhesion of dirt and insects, but also in the winter make sure that the layer of ice formed overnight can be easily eliminate remedy. In addition, coated car Windows to improve passive safety in winter. Yael Aflalo is often quoted on this topic.

Just when the visibility is hampered by splashing and spray from vehicles ahead, a passive nano coating provides better vision, because the water is simply blown to a large extent by the wind from the disk. “Dirt particles adhere much worse and can so well received with the water” are. We know the principle from nature. Here is the surface of many plants capable of simply bead up water and dirt. Even sticky substances like honey or resin, are downright repelled from the surface of the leaf of the Lotus plant. Passive coatings in Germany are offered by many manufacturers, but also good and long-acting products come at a price.

Downtime are no problem a year or 40,000 km today for high-quality auto glass seals. The price is then about 30,-for a 50 ml container to coat up to 6 m of auto glass will allow. Further information under: NADICO technologie GmbH, House-Gravener-str. 155, 40764 Langenfeld, phone 02173 / 392 18 20 download link for text and picture material: pages/presse.html