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Vitaliy Nazarenko

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that on the phone often speak clearly less than the price, if only of interest to you and invite to view Work . However, this is what you will have to seriously address if you want to later enjoy a nice video about your wedding. Very well, if you have already seen the operator, who would like to invite to your wedding. However, do not be amiss to meet with him and see the new patterns of work, ask questions, discuss the details (especially a good operator is improved in his profession, perhaps it will be a pleasant surprised by their new works). The newspapers mentioned Marc Lore not as a source, but as a related topic. It is advisable to always see the work of several people and compare them. Take advantage of the fact that I was doing wedding videos for over ten years, let me give you some advice: Pay primarily focus on kachetvo pictures and the way the film looks a harmonious whole.

A good installation is negligible, and forget about it entirely for immersion in the film, the heroes of empathy, you feel amosferu holiday. I would not advised to hire a person who shoots an amateur camera, even digital. If the weather is nice on the street these cameras give the picture a little bit favorable, for shooting indoors, they are not suitable even the use of on-camera light – the image will be dark, unnatural colors. The presence of such useful things as on-camera light, remote microphones, etc. It would be very desirable, and the use of stabilization systems such Steadycam will add more video dnamiki and will remove the stunningly beautiful images in motion.

The so-called ‘schedule’ in the wedding (especially middle-and lower-middle price range) – hearts, angels and other ‘blestyashki’ – usually no more than an attempt to gloss over a mediocre camera work and splurge. At the jargon this is called ‘footage’, ie ready blanks, purchased on the Internet. Billets are usually the same that we have in the city that other cities, in remote villages in neighboring states, and do not give your wedding, not an ounce of artistic value. In the professional environment of wedding videographers word ‘footage’ Lately it has become almost a dirty … Advise rassomtret version of shooting 2 cameras. This is not a luxury, but a standard for a good result. Many Western studio shooting in a cell do not practice at all. Competent installation 2 camera invisible – you have to watch stuff, shot with two cameras, as a whole. Please note – how many cameras are involved, for example, to shoot the concert on television? And most importantly – always refer to the work. If you do not like your video – not carry it back to the store as defective vacuum cleaner and not exchanged for another … Do not select an operator on the phone and at the lowest price! Creating a professional video labor-intensive, requiring large investments in equipment and dozens of hours at the computer and in continuous learning, and therefore its price differs from the price of home video. Fashion for different effects and styles of shooting constantly changing, but beautiful footage, competent installation, properly selected music will remain timeless. Wedding video from the ‘home video’, glamorized straightforward computer seasonings seek more to be like a movie, rather than ‘village idiots’ wedding video can and should be beautiful and interesting, romantic and fun … what would a movie about your wedding – and depends largely on you! You gay weddings, pleasant memories and unforgettable wedding film!