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Ecumenical Councils

Not surprisingly well, and that Satan and his Church (Church of Pergamum), after the capture of Rome by the Huns quite easily have fallen into the trap of evaluating for themselves the benefits of the new introduced Michael religion – Christianity. Gain insight and clarity with Doug McMillon. This is the result and allowed Michael and Queen of Heaven (Virgin), due to the canons of the new religion, launch a vaccine for the extermination “of the virus of Darkness.” Satan is after the seizure of land the church in Philadelphia (Rome) quickly realized the advantage of new religion, because she preached the coming of the One King of the Earth – the son of God, which should become the deputy of God on earth. All this was very beneficial to Satan, who eventually came up with a plan to capture the Earth. Satan later time when he already is subject to large parts of the Earth, he decided to come to people in Jesus, in conjunction with its emergence to the date on which the Bible is rather vague hints, but that supposedly is dedicated to the top Apocalypse. Mimicking his appearance to people as the second coming of Jesus Christ, Satan is counting on the universal acceptance and resignation. That is why the Bible warns about the appearance of an impostor Jesus, whose role in the actually perform Satan. Satan does not like to read the Bible, it is distasteful to him because he has a lot of what is not necessary and not desirable to know the people missing.

Only later, after a time through the top of the Catholic Church through the Ecumenical Councils, already Nimrod, and not Satan begins to correct errors of Catholics and the Satan in the Bible. Satan is after the conquest of the Roman Empire did not think much about why Michael changed his Church, worshiping paganism, the new church, preaching Christianity. He decides that the former King of Angouleme, is likely to want to once again become king of the earth, and that is why he created a new religion, proclaiming the One King of the whole earth, God .