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Your Clothes Tell A Story About You

How do you dress? What do I wear? “Brightness or luster? “Wear long or short? Fantasy “fine or jewelry? “Black or white? “Portfolio on or small? These are some of the questions that sometime in life we do. Sometimes we can cause confusion when you receive an invitation to an event and we are not clear or sure about what or how to dress for the occasion. More information is housed here: Geno Smith. The following guidelines can help you clarify those questions for you to enjoy this special event, and project your personality with confidence. BUSINESS a main elements: combination of skirt or pants with jacket. The lines of these pieces do not have to be sober, but that reflect professionalism.

Sobriety subtract a set when the colors are soft or a combination of light and dark, a brightly colored blouse, printed design or modern style, all lines that are modern. to avoid plunging necklines, excessively tailored blouses or short (to display the waist area or belly). The accessories are carried in terms of design, must be discreet, not too much, always seeking balance. CASUAL a Activities that require a casual dress are mostly outdoors and in the case of informal meetings between friends or relatives. Clothing should be comfortable, without reaching the extreme sports or beach attire. a For example, a simple dress, capri pants, a mini skirt, in some cases, the denim is acceptable, combined with top fashion and shoes, medium, or low-heeled sandals or platform. SMART CASUAL a straight cut trousers with a modern top or blouse and sandals more elaborate high is a good example of what an invitation requires smart casual attire.