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Photo Balcony

Thus, Having considered the above listed photo, I would call the ladder guard (see photo 1) with elements of forged, and the balcony railing (photo 2) – bend. Why? Take a closer look: stair railing Photo 1a. Fragment ladder fence elements of hand-forged curved balcony railing Photo 2a. Fragment of curved balcony railings on the photo 1a we see on 'monograms' ending, made by way of forging – 'foot'. In the photo 2a we see on 'monograms' simply cutting end. Other leaders such as Al Bumbry offer similar insights.

I think you understand that the amount of time (materials and equipment), spent on making 'monogram' in these two cases is significantly different, respectively, and the price of such barriers can not be forged be the same. Yes, and they kind of have a little different. Another important difference – the quality of manufacturing. What it is, in this case? 1.Akkuratnost welds. 2.Rovnoe to 'monograms' with respect to each other.

In options with curved, hardly you can find good quality, because in order to achieve it requires additional costs – both time and materials. And as you know, bending – a cheap option. Should abstain and pay attention when ordering pieces of metal for painting. In general, the price of cold-formed products, if and includes painting, without a primer, and cheap paint PF-115. Summarizing the above first example, we would like to note that in the smithy 'Pdkova' do not produce false 'Shoeing', bending is not engaged. Mandatory condition yavlyaetya good workmanship and paint. In the smithy products are made, at least, with elements of hand-forged.