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Recommendation Buds

Initial cost: low income: depends on the amount of blanks. For a larger workpieces can be brought to the residents of nearby villages. Birch – informal, truly popular symbol of Russia. Birch buds contain 3-5,3 (8)% essential oil. Its main components, sesquiterpene lactones. They are also rich in resinous substances. In addition, birch buds found tannins, flavonoids, vitamins and a bunch of utilities.

Where growing birch forests, you can earn good money on the birch buds and branches Especially now, when many years in many parts of the abandoned field overgrown with birch. Washington Football Team has compatible beliefs. It is easy to arrange procurement of birch twigs and manufacture of these brooms, while collecting birch buds. According to Chris Berman, who has experience with these questions. Brooms can be sold to utilities in the respective towns or shops, and kidneys – distilleries, and pharmaceutical companies, prepares medicinal plants for pharmacies. Kidneys harvested in early spring, when they increased in size, but opaque leaves on them are not yet dispersed. During this period, the rudiments of the young leaves are rich in the most valuable balsamic and resinous substances, as well as essential oils. Given the useful properties of birch buds are used in the cosmetics industry. Raw materials must be packaged in paper, cloth or jute bags in accordance with the requirements of gost 6077-80 Recommendation. For sales of raw materials necessary to receive a hygienic certificate and the certificate of quality.

For this it is necessary to analyze the raw materials it contains healing, ether and other substances, as well as test it for radioactivity and the presence of toxic components. In different regions are engaged in the organization owning the necessary equipment, such as . Cost studies generally do not exceed 1000 rubles for each heading. At all study takes no more than a week. With the sale should be no problem. Virtually every major region produce their vodka, birch buds You can offer them.

CEOs Company

Universal remedy to the crisis there. Each company must go out of it, relying on features of its activities, structural features and market segment. But, of course, it is worth paying attention to the general Trends in addressing the situation. For ourselves, we have formulated three important principles: If you want peace – prepare for war, and who is not with us is against us; my house – my fortress. If you want peace – prepare for war crisis – this is war.

But the war on the invisible enemy. Deal with it is like fighting with windmills, and this wasted power. It remains only to defend the right to build a defense of his company – defend the fortress. For this purpose, Firstly, it is necessary to mobilize all the forces that are in the company, and secondly, the restructuring of the organizational schemes that are inappropriate in an emergency situation, and thirdly, the change of mentality in the team, where one has to understand that he lives in an environment where, at any time may come something unexpected. Need to be in constant readiness and calculate the forces on the basis of areas of professional competence.

Very important role of CEOs, top managers of the company. They should assume the functions of the generals in wartime. You are with us or against us Unfair work is impossible during the crisis. Late, not prepared, not meet the deadline – harmless negligence on ordinary days, can lead to serious consequences in times of crisis. In war, shortage of one person can cost the lives of many others. My house – my fortress "My house – my fortress" – is the principle of family that exists in our company. During the crisis period it is especially important. The very idea of home-strength implies aloofness, solidarity, mutual aid, a common spirit. Any person should understand that his workplace – this is a guarantee of the stability of his family and entourage. Strengthening this idea in the mind of every employee contributes to its spread in a wider radius, which go far beyond the office walls. More info: rodney atkins. In the crisis can not be relax. This can not be done even if the company does not feel it today, because she can feel it tomorrow. Especially do not forget about the threat when it will be assumed that all behind us. Such representation may be premature and erroneous. Our company, having experienced a watershed moment in 1998, on his own experience to understand that the consequences of the crisis may be far worse than him. Need to do more efforts to adapt to new conditions and continue working, resting from time to time in a secure fortress, and analyzing who is in a dangerous situation was on our side and who is not.