Sun Entgegegen

On 25 January 2013, the rock band YEN released her new album “Into the Sun” into the Sun YEN from the greater Heidelberg present it with her now third album. Catchy rocking pieces with a very special sound, are included somewhere in between commercial charm and authentic rawness. Among the magical talent and the aura of their singer Yen hwei Bella are responsible. “Into the Sun” appears on the 25th January 2013 YEN is a harmonious Quartet that mastery of their profession. English-language rock music, complemented by a charismatic female voice, no less dominated than the loud quiet sounds. Time rocking and impulsive, sometimes quiet and smooth, but always absolutely convincing. Liberation, revolution, love, redemption and the search for a new consciousness for a better world! The subjects with which we deal, inter alia, on the album “, the band from the greater Heidelberg itself says.

YEN promise no world peace, they dissolve not all schools of thought, No, just a German band the evidence is, that music can connect people without putting only on the lowest common denominator. On their third album feature the four musicians with sounds that paint pictures and a multi-faceted vocals, which can generate a whole range of emotions right within a single song. “With lyrics that are so personal that everyone can take something like this to it again to his own and large” to put back together. If you want, can hear here skin from Skunk Anansie out. Or Bjork. Or a musical dash of silver moon. Or leaving untouched the drawers and close your eyes instead.

What one then hears and senses? This band is something special! Unobtrusive but ubiquitous. At the end of the day, it is certainly only music, but the sound that send YEN on the journey, not fades away with the last sound. With an irrepressible sense of detail, exciting melodies and tangible energy YEN to invite, for the length of a plate to get off. Walking out from the permanent race and “Geranntwerden”. Rather, they send their fans on an emotional journey through the ordinary madness of the world out there and back to himself. Or almost drawer suitable for: YEN make music for everyone, but definitely not but any.