Start Of New Frankfurt Crime Series In The Sutton Verlag

“West end Blues.” A Catherine small crime Frankfurt am Main”the partner dead, suspended them himself, degraded to the babysitter, and hunted by a vengeful drug boss: exactly the right time for Detective Chief Inspector Katharina Klein, to fall in love with the wrong man: an exciting, fast-paced thriller with plenty of action and an unconventional detective who scares a variety of consistent winning figures from all layers of the very special Frankfurter microcosm the culprits in their search. But without a savvy, but dodgy coroner but wouldn’t come forward. Actually, Katharina Klein, Chief Superintendent at the Frankfurt police, enough own problems has: your partner was killed in a police action escalated and she even killed two people. But when your neighbor is murdered, Catherine must accept their daughter, four-year, precocious Laura, to, although children are so not her thing. Immediately, she strives to find the killer of Laura’s mother. Unexpected help Catherine Andreas Amendt receives from the arrogant, opaque, and unfortunately much too attractive coroner. But all his time.

First she must bring Laura still in the kindergarten Katharina Klein loves vintage cars, weapons, and animated cartoons. A Commissioner who hatched on striking, already outside. Whose explosive temper almost completely inappropriate makes them for their profession, which has at the same time but enough intelligence, intuition and elbow, to pass police in a man’s world. World Cup has much to offer in this field. “West end Blues” is her first case. During their investigation she collides with members of high finance in noble Taunus villas, with curious doctors, stubborn bureaucrats, international gangsters and oblique figures from the railway station District. Babs ‘ novel has just and credible figures, high speed and surprising changes in direction. Helmut Barz, born in 1969, lives in Offenbach am Main. After studying the arts and the theatre director he works freelance writer and Director, as well as lyricist and Director for advertising and corporate communications. “West end Blues” is his second novel. Sutton Verlag-Olivia shrinkage