Specialist Dealer

High-quality Bocbekleidung and protective equipment is important especially in sports such as boxing and the martial arts. Sports clothing is cheap in the discount store – however is usually also the quality to be desired. That is why buy especially mixed martial artist and boxer, whose sportswear is subject to special requirements, their box clothing dealer. High-quality boxing gloves, T-Shirts, jackets and shorts are important for the boxing and martial arts. Therefore the box place Bielefeld mainly on brand has resorted, committed to boxing. The box place Bielefeld offers high-quality and functional sports clothing for Boxer and mixed martial artist.

Brands such as Lonsdale and Tufwear belong to the range of the dealer. The brand is bad boy in the foreground for martial artists. Each of the brands is dedicated to the martial arts and knows the requirements to the athletes in this apparel. Good wearing qualities, high functionality and an exclusive design determine the box clothing. Even with the protective equipment for boxing, emphasis on quality is the setting is, but crucial for health.

A good protective equipment such as gloves, mouth guards, headgear and bandages are essential in boxing, but exposed to protect from injury. The box place Bielefeld acts as dealer also in the sale of Boxringen. What is special about the Boxringen? Every boxing ring is made individual for the customers. It is produced by selected partner companies. Special requirements of customers such as the fitting of the club logo can be considered. Like the box joint provides Bielefeld also contacts with the rental of a boxing ring. Also box clothing or ring mats can be fitted with the club logo. The box joint Bielefeld is known also by its sponsor activities at the arena box promotion. It is the arena box promotion in many competitions to the side as partner and supplier. About box place Bielefeld: The box place Bielefeld as dealer for box clothing has now more than 4 years, a boxing gloves, punching bags, protective equipment and Boxringe Reputation on the market. Like the online shop delivers the desired products worldwide. A simple ordering process and various payment options make it easy dealing with the shop, which is accessible at. A customer-friendly service and the technical know-how, with the box joint customers with questions about the page which make the package complete.