Service Desk

I call center are the centres of concentration of telephone calls from customers who need assistance. The technology used in the call center include the infrastructure of telephone switchboard, telephone cards and middleware-CTI. In the past the focus of a call center was the telephone exchange with an adjacent ACD, or the hardware and software you need to assign incoming calls with the aim of distributing the load between all operators for a given service.Today the heart of the call center is the network of the enterprise Local Area Network (LAN) or WAN (Wide Area Network) and CTI software for the control system. Thus, the change becomes the network device with the function of managing the connection of input / output with the public telephone network. The contact center is different from the call center classic because it is characterized by the management of the different channels of contact with customers. A contact center provides support to customers through phone calls, but also through other media such as, for example, fax or e-mail. Both are aprte of what is technically called Sevicedesk.