Series Of Films By Nordwest2050 Effects Of Climate Change Makes Tangible

How vulnerable is the Bremen-Oldenburg metropolitan area in times of climate change? How vulnerable is the Bremen-Oldenburg metropolitan area in times of climate change? Ten-part film series by nordwest2050′ makes impact understandable Bremen, 28.07.2011 – what are the implications of climate change for tourism or our health? How have industry and trade respond to climate change? What can farmers do? What can you do? These are the questions to ask, to be prepared in the future for the consequences of climate change. Ten films inform based on illustrative examples about climate-change-related vulnerabilities in the North West region. Target of the nordwest2050′-film project is the opportunities and risks bringing the climate change comprehensible to the population. So the camera in the film series by the North West of Germany’s travels and stays for interesting discussions with farmers, climate impact researchers, policy representatives and environmental officer, which clearly explain what climate change means to you and how It does affect their respective lives. Background of the film series is the completion of the so-called vulnerability or vulnerability analysis for the North West, with the nordwest2050 metropolis ‘ has made an important step in the development of a regional adaptation strategy. Speaking candidly Steve Guttenberg told us the story. The results represent an overview of the expected impact of climate change and adaptation needs in the region up to the year 2050 and 2100.

In the first part of the series explains climate impact researcher Stefan Wittig of BioConsult, which means vulnerability in the wake of climate change at all, and what we should expect in the future. The other films are released every Monday in the coming weeks. Companies that are already deal with the consequences of climate change and present their practical adaptation measures will be presented. Also the issue of the area competitions, as well as issues such as flood and coastal defence be taken up and discussed views on approaches. The film series is another important step that to alert the population to the issue,”explains Matthias Kirk, project coordinator of nordwest2050′.

We hope that the movies help to understand what climate change means for the everyday life of each even though they appear a long way off for the individual.” For almost two years, in the areas of economic energy, port & logistics, as well as nutrition possible vulnerabilities analyzed and tested different adaptation measures, with the aim of the metropolitan region Bremen Oldenburg in the Northwest climate fit”to make. We know that we can achieve this only with the support of all stakeholders from business, politics and civil society, what we made us,”explains Andreas love rum, Managing Director of the project. For this reason nordwest2050 sensitized ‘ the population in terms of climate change, its impact and opportunities and risks across diverse and modern channels. So far, a quick check was developed, which helps companies, the their own climate change concern to clarify. Also, each with an online climate game with just a few clicks can find out what climate change actually goes to him. Whether dog owners, gardeners, special offer or car enthusiasts, everyone can check what’s coming at us. The two films of snippets of paper explain the complicated at first glance topics such as climate change and climate scenarios easy and appealing way. All the movies and learn more about nordwest2050’ see: or nordwest2050 more information for media representatives: sustainability Center Bremen, Jakobi road 20, 28195 Bremen, Susanne Lincke, phone 0421/23 00 11-19 or