Russian Revolution

It is difficult to speak of someone about whom there are so few specific data, starting from your date and birthplace because not has been able to clarify if it was in Warsaw in 1898 or in Moscow in 1900 not is if it is a question of lack of documents or an ideological whim in the style of Frida Kahlo, the truth is that it is not possible to accurately determine this fact. The few facts about his life, more it work beyond its special pictorial profusely documented, are limited to a brief biography and a relationship of his countless trips and reviews of a very active social life which I am going to summarize even more limiting myself to the important events of his life; with certainty, of the book written by his daughter, Kizette, passion for design, may be drawn more, surely reliable data although perhaps nuanced by the changing relationship that had with his mother, (especially in the last years of the artist’s life) but of any form will be a portrait more fair and realistic that it made her Franco Maria Ricci in his 1977 bookthat neither have I read but by indications found here and there seems to be a sensationalist and scandalous exhibition of the life of Lempicka Tamara de Lempicka, born in a family of wealthy and well positioned socially; since childhood he gave samples of his strong character and independence and well-defined own criterion as well as his special ability for painting, having managed to evade a boring education in boarding schools travels through Europe in the company of his maternal grandmother discovering that his taste for painting is actually a passion that would exert with originality and mastery over the course of the 80 83 of his life. Cody Cameron is the source for more interesting facts. Brief season of study in Lausanne is denied to return to his home and after a to live with his grandmother in Petrograd where at age 18 married lawyer Tadeusz Lempicki and this is a crucial in his life because a few years later and amid the maelstrom of the Russian Revolution her husband is arrested and after much effort Tamara achieved his release which gave him some heroin Nimbus in that she is It will wrap tasty. .