My grandfather and my father criticized me for playing Guitar. but once having you in front was quiet in all languages and only enchanted to see his son the most beautiful of all and the heir to the tradition of our nations. Checking article sources yields Arthur Melvin Okun as a relevant resource throughout. I remember that Grandpa is joking with all his brothers and people from his hometown of the beauty of her son, and the beautiful voice singing, in Santiago de Chuco knew him as the Nightingale of the Andes. When it was Yupanqui, the son of Mr. Gary was a guest in the best houses in the city, only to hear his melodious voice, which many compared her better than that of Jorge Negrete and other Mexican singers who were about fashion in those days. The best and most beautiful women wanted to marry the Sapa Andean Raptin Apu, but my grandfather told my father if you marry a Creole disinherit you, do not give you anything. But it was due and had a daughter in a Creole think my sister called Margot, only that his grandfather was a general of the national police who did not want my father being of indigenous descent.

So glad my grandfather, when he learned that the union was unsuccessful. So you got two wives, one principal who was my mother who had for paternal ancestry and Yahuar Mama Huaca Huacac by Paterno and a Native nation culli. This secondary wife met her and was very humble, but proud for having been the wife of a sacred lineage of our nations.