Regina Owert Valentina

Due to lack of experience, Liraglutid should be prescribed only restrained in patients with congestive heart failure or inflammatory bowel disease. Also at gastric paralysis, the drug should not be used. Liraglutid should be discontinued if symptoms of pancreatitis. Because Liraglutid is relatively expensive compared to other diabetes medications, it may be prescribed for fi nancial reasons only in overweight diabetics, that without the new preparation on insulin and should get off there would be assigned on the basis of their weight on very high doses. Here Liraglutid can affect positive, because the active ingredient evokes a feeling of fullness, which can lead to weight loss. Dr. Nuhlen pointed out that the new drug is not a magic bullet against obesity: “in the studies, patients have lost up to two percent of their available work.

The change of lifestyle is necessarily also with Liraglutid required. These include. elated topic. especially more exercise and a balanced diet” In practice greater weight decreases were also significant. Also the new product must be applied properly and carefully. “It is important tig, that patients will be well trained, so they know what accompanying non-drug measures are required.

For example, the blood glucose self-monitoring includes in addition to lifestyle changes”, explains Dr. Nuhlen. “If patients rely only on the medicine due to insufficient training, it will not correctly work.” The doctors organized in the Professional Association of diabetes are able to interchange from new and emerging knowledge on the regulation of the new drug and to draw conclusions.