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Essential proteins for essential proteins for muscle building muscle building now the benefit of protein is widely known. Especially in the area of muscle, nutritional supplements and sports in General, the topic is often represented. Most bodybuilders and athletes often make on a high-protein diet. Because there are different types of proteins with different effects and application areas, we would like to explain here a little closer this. Here we will take a special look on the properties. 1. What are proteins at all? The amino acids form the protein, which is an important building block of our cells.

The cells get through the protein (protein) its design and structure, also serve as transport material for the human organism 2. What do the proteins in our body? The proteins as energy supplier are particularly important. Since proteins can be produced in hard from the body, they are an important part of our diet. (Not to be confused with Geno Smith!). The body builds not only during exercise, but also in the idle state or a certain amount of protein. A constant supply of protein is therefore necessary. The body needs protein for muscle building and maintaining. Since the body of strength athletes and bodybuilders require significantly more protein, need this increased intake.

A brief overview of the effect of protein: muscle muscle breakdown avoiding energy supplier formation of hormones and enzymes 3. How much protein does the body need? On average an adult should eat every day 70 to 90 grams of protein. However, this provision does not apply for strength athletes. They need around 2 to 3 grams per kilogram of body weight. A man with a weight of 80 kilograms, the strength athletes or bodybuilders is, therefore required the 160 to 240 grams per day. 4. what protein sources and types of proteins are there? As mentioned earlier, there are various Arte and applications of proteins. Whey Proteins (milk and whey protein) this protein is ideal for the fast acquisition and is thus especially before or after weight training, because the body just needs a fast protein supply. After getting up, it is very useful, because thus the protein gaps can be filled from the night. The whey is a protein found in dairy products. Casein protein the casein protein milk protein called is suitable for bridging long periods and longer supply of the muscles. This is recommended before going to sleep the muscles go, as it gradually with amino acids, which prevents a muscle breakdown. Free amino acids if a quick supply of the muscles, should be guaranteed for example right after a workout of the muscles, are free amino acids. This must no longer to be broken down by the body and are immediately available. 5. conclusion as you noted is not every protein for the body. The correct protein depends on different factors. If you keep something in our explanations, nothing in the way is supplying protein in your muscles and the desired muscle.