Present Continuous

Let us take two examples and let us take off our conclusions: Eva (Gn.3). To the boarded being for the Satan it dialogued with it. It heard, it considered, it argued, it yielded fell. Jesus (TM 4). To the attemped being, it only had a reply: IT IS WRITTEN! We must consider that our enemy is poderosssimo and sly. We will never win it with personal arguments. It laughs at our efforts.

But we can protecting in them against it if knowing the Holy Writs and to know to use them at the adjusted moment, striking the deceits and subtilities that it launches, searching to make the will of God. CONCLUSION Always we must have in mind a thing: The Satan are not responsible for our sin: it tries in them! Tiago 1:14 – 15 Each one is attemped for its proper one covets, when it attracts it to this and it seduces. According to Tokyo Olympic Games, who has experience with these questions. Then it covets, it, after having conceived, of to the light the sin; the sin, a consummated time, generates the death. All the Armor is given in them by God. We fit to use it. PRAYING AND WATCHING – Present Continuous (vv.18) TO WATCH: To be waked up, to be without sleeping, suffering from sleeplessness, to be of guard, to be vigilant. Perseverance, constancy.

The verb was used in the direction of esperar or remaining diligently in the work. It is the resource that you use asking for the God to know to use each one of these parts. 1 Joo 5:18 – 19 Sabemos that all that one that is been born of God does not live in sin; before, That one that was born of God the guard, and the malignant one does not touch to it. We know that we are of God and that the entire world lies in the Malignant one. 1 Joo 5:4 Because all what it is been born of God wins the world; this is the victory that wins the world: our faith. The total or partial reproduction of the content of this article is allowed, since that the name of the author is mentioned and postado its link of origin. Law np .9.