Personal Pools

I'm sure many have long dreamed of his own swimming pool. Let's dream a little. Summer heat, so want to chill, and you're going to swim into her pool. A great way to relax, do not you? The fact that a few years, equipment and materials for building pools turnkey become more available and cheaper. The number of companies working in this direction, too, has increased.

Construction of pools – it is painstaking work, which consists of four phases. Now we discuss the stages of building the pool. The first of them – is competent designing the pool, in the exercise of which must be respected snip (Construction Norms and Rules). After this is done construction of the bowl. In this case, it is important to remember that the cup must necessarily withstand heavy loads of water.

Immediately after its construction is necessary to make waterproofing cup to avoid leakage. As Once this is done, it is important to test it, then do it otherwise would be too late. After the bowl pool passed all checks should be made about its finish. As a rule, it uses a special ceramic tiles, which practically does not absorb water. Well, the pool is almost ready. You only need to buy some quality equipment pools. His range is quite wide. For example, jumping may be a good addition for adults, and a small hill – for the children. Do not forget the stairs, because without them would be uncomfortable. A waterfall, will undoubtedly give a lot of glamor and beauty. Special underwater vacuum cleaners, filters and dryers to help reduce the humidity in the room and remove unpleasant smells – all this will only help make your stay comfortable. Congratulations! You now only need to order the production pool, and later select accessories for it. This article will help you to trace all the steps to create a pool of construction of the bowl before the installation of additional equipment. Well check all the work, so it is not always carry it out conscientiously.