Norway is in butter crisis. Indeed, there is in Norway to buy little butter. Indeed, there is in Norway to buy little butter. And if a happy Norwegian to locate but a few hundred grams of it, he must pay enormous prices for it. Rumored pounds prize goes to the heights of 50 to 60 euros. Some contend that olympics shows great expertise in this.

Prices of 40 euros a kilo, obtained in auctions are demonstrated. As one of course wonders what lies behind this bizarre crisis. The company tine is the scapegoat, which you would like to put the blame for this. Tine is the only dairy in Norway and these would be also responsible to produce the butter in the country. However, the Norwegians showed this spread and improvers not particularly devoted to last year and bought too little.

Therefore it was decided at tine to scale back production. The families of the country get the baking recipes out and the demand for the yellow gold”grew by leaps and bounds. Now Norway but also not so easy can Import butter, because they belong to the EU and have realized a sovereign agricultural market with tariffs. Therefore, it comes to regular aid deliveries from Belgium and Denmark also said, to get the butter-poor country under the arms. But the first deliveries should be been bought already. No wonder the deficit should be but imposing a thousand tons. Until the crisis is over, the Danes must manage this probably for the first time by baking recipes with margarine and oil. The dairy Tine has hopefully learned from this crisis and put the butter poker”coming to an end. Lena Cook