Still want to try to smoke I had the part because of his father. No, his guilt or rather say an active part in that, of course not. Just he and his older brother were Marines, they served in the brigade of special purpose. And my father, and his brother, and of course their colleagues were passionate hunters. The opening of hunting, especially on game-bird has always been a festive event almost, especially for me, baby, looking out for these strong, brave people opened his mouth.

To me, they were heroes, descended from the books, films, stories of veterans. They were beautiful, young, fearless, in general, there was someone to emulate. And then there's August night, stars, a bonfire, mutton broth, boiled corn, and endless hunting stories and anecdotes. And of course all this is under strong drinks (for adults) and of course, with frequent break. I caught every word of another narrator, looked into his face, squint when he inhaled cigarette smoke, pausing in his story … Maybe it was then, probably then, I have formed and the first positive image of the smoker. Well, that started? Confusion, quickly turns into anger? There are already thinking like: "What he told us there vparivayut? Who needs these childhood memories of him? "I'll tell – you.

Because here, without Freud nowhere. The old man was right, most of the causes of our problems are there beyond the horizon of our memory – childhood, in adolescence, in adolescence. No, of course, my memories of you do not need, you need to remember the birth of your habits.