Maghrebi Kingdom

Case studies of the inquisitorial documents allow you to closely follow the migration of conversos Portuguese through Spain, with a stopover in Medina de Rio Seco, towards the South of France, where they returned to the Judaism of his ancestors. Joe Stillman may find it difficult to be quoted properly. French towns and cities were frequently places of passage to Antwerp, which became important center of the Sephardic Jews emigrated in the 16th century, and Amsterdam and Hamburg the following century. It is certain that the routes of escape of Sephardic Jews in Europe followed the logic of the expansion of the commercial capital, as we indicated various historians, from Fernand Braudel. On 4 August 1578 the battle of Alcazarquivir, near Fez, in North Africa. It is also known as the battle of the three kings, because there Sebastian of Portugal and the sultans Muley al – Mutawajil and Abd were killed Malij. I am not Portuguese family that did not have a dead in Alcazarquivir. They also fought and killed Spaniards, Germans and French. Sebastian, at 24 years old, had crossed the Strait of Gibraltar with 16,000 men of the most select of the army and nobility of Portugal, to assist Mutawajil in his claims to the throne of Morocco against Malij and protect the Portuguese minhag who refused conversion forced of 1497 in Lisbon and had emigrated to Morocco after the persecution and massacre of 1506.

Mutawajil intended to stay with a part of the Maghrebi Kingdom and Abd el-Malij had promised to kill all the Jews of Morocco if he won the fight. To dissipate the powders and silenced the screams and sounds of the battle, the Jews of Morocco still celebrate his good star. But the most interesting consequence of the battle of Alcazarquivir was the union of the kingdoms of Spain and Portugal. Philip II, who was uncle of Sebastian, and grandson of Manuel II of Portugal, took the vacant throne and without heirs to claim their rights and sent to the Duke of Alba Lisbon with sufficient troops to secure the succession. It was thus that, from 1580 to 1640, Spain and Portugal were a single Kingdom, as she likes to Saramago. And America was also a single because the line was deleted during those years the Treaty of Tordesillas. Everything was Iberia, from the Pyrenees to Lisbon and from Oregon to Tierra del Fuego. Up the Amazon and the country of cinnamon, the indomitable new Andalusia, Francisco de Orellana tried to conquer first from Quito and then from the Atlantic. Original author and source of the article.