Lottery Winners

If you really want to achieve something that you have not succeeded so far, you have to become a different person. Statistics show that more than 60% of the Lottery Winners lose their million within a period of 1 to 6 years of having won. By all this? It is simply because the money isn’t what makes people, but who are in reality what is imported. In this article I will share some suggestions for making these changes will help you achieve your goals. Tip #1 put your goals as a priority fix your priorities, starts your day thinking about the goals you have in mind and looking for exercises that will help you focus on these goals. When you start your day with this kind of approach you send a strong signal to the universe and tell him that you’re seriously on your goal.

Tip #2 Ama what you have Ama and appreciating what you have now, when you’re thinking that still don’t have what you want or the fact that you don’t like your life as it is now you are creating conflict in your energy, Miss enjoy your life that is happening now and send him to the universe the signal of not having what you want. Tip #3 keep in mind that the quantum leaps are BADLY needed before obtaining what you want. When we are focused on a desire the universe works with all their arsenal to help us receive it and send us aid in the form of books, teachers, movies, coaches or advisors, lyrics of songs, dreams and internal messages. What comes in a home is not already realized desire but all the help that we become different people, the kind of person who would have the goal (X amount of money, the ideal body, perfect health, wonderful relationship, the published book, the new House and so on). Stay alert to all the quantum leaps and get them to be the signs of progress that you need to feel motivated to reach your goals.